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Our Team Has Helped Over 3000 Clients With Their Developments, And Successfully Achieved All Approvals Through Council, With Minimum Delays And Fuss

Over the past 15 years the Xpress Building Design Group has helped over 3000 clients get their developments approved by the council. In that time we’ve gotten very good at having these permits successfully granted.

We’ve also attended literally thousands of council meetings and developed an excellent relationship with many of the local councils in Melbourne, along with great contacts within them. Since many parts of the ResCode are based upon interpretation rather than solid rules, these relationships, along with thousands of previously approved planning permits, allows us to get many projects over the line when it may seem like they’re getting nowhere.


With so much experience in this area we can foresee most design issues and warn you ahead of time to avoid unnecessary time delays and costs, and we also know exactly which boundaries have been pushed with the councils in the past, and approved, and can use those examples as a precedent on your site.

So, if you’re a builder, property developer or an owner with extra land looking for an experienced firm to help you get through a town planning application that maximizes your site, and do it with minimal fuss then get in touch with us.



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