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If You Need All The Preliminaries And Annoying Paperwork Taken Care Of For Your Next Project, We Can Help…

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Preparing all the prelimaries for a building project can be a massive hassle. Especially when you have big a list of 17-40 conditions you need to meet and want the permit granted as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, we’ve been through this process thousands of times and pride ourselves on making it as streamlined and hassle free as possible for our clients.

That means we prepare your preliminaries fast, in 4-6 weeks usually. And we also have a trusted team of expert soil testers, engineers and energy raters on hand to prepare any additional documentation you may need, we’ve spent years finding great people to fill these roles, so you don’t have to!

However, should you want us to use your own people for any of the reports that’s completely fine too.

So if you need you’re preliminaries taking care of by an experienced firm with over 15 years experience under their belt, then get in touch with us today…


Let Us Help You Get All Your Preliminaries Prepared…

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