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Welcome to Xpress Building Design Group

We specialize in ROI (Return On Investment) focused designs and working drawings for dual occupancies and multi-unit developments in Melbourne and help you get them approved by the council. Our team has over 42 years combined experience in which time we’ve worked on over 9000 units and multi-unit developments, spent thousands of hours dealing with the council and have developed a high proficiency in creating highly profitable, space-efficient, open plan designs and getting them approved by the council… Our specialty is using a combination of space-efficient building design and our huge experience in the town planning process to get permits for highly profitable projects that squeeze the maximum amount of ROI out of a site.About

Our Core Values

  1. Treat others as we would expect to be treated. If we apply this benchmark to everything we do, we will do the right thing.
  2. Be transparent with our clients at all times about the processes we use. We are open with our clients about the work that we are doing. We want our clients to come back to us and use us because what we do is effective, skillful and efficient; not secret.
  3. Be accountable at all times. We accept full responsibility for our actions and results. We focus on helping our clients profit from their projects – not blaming or making excuses. We keep our promises and do what we say we are going to do at all times.Abouts
  4. Be excellent. Our aim is to produce the best results possible for our clients. We do this by hiring the best people, creating the most space-efficient and profitable designs possible, working closely with the councils to get your projects approved, and communicating our efforts in the most transparent way possible.
  5. Recruit and retain the best staff. We ensure our staff are clever, motivated and detail-oriented. We strive to recruit only the best people, and we make sure they know that they are part of an elite team, and they must be at their best at all times to maintain our high standards.
  6. Creating win-win relationships with our clients. This is an important rule for us. Our specialty is in maximizing a site and squeezing the most profit possible out of it, that’s why we prefer designing dual occupancy and multi-unit developments, as it gives us the opportunity to create big results for our clients. If you’re looking for a design on a single home and insist on our flavor of design then we’d love to talk to you further to see if we’re a good fit.Aboutaa
  7. Balancing profit and practicality. We believe a site needs to be maximized first and foremost in terms of profitability. That’s why we focus on space-efficient, open plan designs that squeeze the maximum possible rooms, bathrooms, ensuites into a site to maximize it’s sales value. But we also make sure to deliver beautiful designs that people will absolutely love living in.
  8. Treat every client as though they are our very first. That means we first make sure that there is a profitable project for you capitalize on, and then we focus all our attention and skill on delivering the best result possible for our clients. And forging successful long term win-win relationships.
  9. Being better every single day. Our team has worked on well over 6000 projects over the years, and we’ve gotten very good at what we do. But we continue to work hard in and outside of the office to be better everyday. We’re passionate about what we do and about helping our clients, that’s why were always striving to improve ourselves and our skills so we can can help our clients get phenomenal results.

If you think we would be a great fit for your project, please reach out to us.
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